took a shower cause i couldnt sleep cause my skin was bothering me but now im just awake again god dammit

love drifting off to sleep and then being POUNCED ON BY A HYPER CAT wow so great

look at this shit

look at this shit

like. those freaking email forwards you get from your grandma or aunt about kids with cancer or puppies with cancer or w/e, they’re more “weepypasta” than “sadstuck”

THIS IS TRU!!!! LMAO in the context of fanwork tho i think sadstuck is always applicable *nodding sagely* 

friend, I am as Homestuck as the next person but there are some situations where you just cannot use "Sadstuck" where "weepypasta" is almost always appropriate

what situation could u not use sadstuck in 

sadstuck is eternal

my aesthetic: shitty dude characters that would probably call someone “toots”

direct me to these

im literally just reading through anything that looks half-decent on the rocket raccoon tag on ao3 *hollow laughter*

your icon looks so great with this. a worldweary announcement

sorry everyone, i dont make the rules 

im super tired and vaguely sick feeling and i cant stop reading fuckin gotg ot5/team-family curtainfic and everything is weird 

sorry everyone, sadstuck is here to stay 



petition to start referring to wildly OOC shit designed to make people cry as “weepypasta”

#finally a term to replace sadstuck


talking about ur fav character like