i had a dream last night i watched motorcity? idk tho theres so many dudes 

im totally spoiled by lots of ladies

also im lazy

MAYBE SOMEDAY, the animation is rly pretty and i like the style a lot…

  1. akellos said: It is so great. If you watch it, you won’t be disappointed.
  2. rastea said: Yeah, it’s a really great and fun show but I wish there was another girl on the main cast… there is a growing number of AWESOME SIDE CHARACTER LADIES but they’re not in every episode so… :’c
  3. honeybells said: me to oomg hgjhkjdfg it looks good but i’m just like NOT ENOUGH LADIES? NOT ENOUGH FUCKS FOR ME TO GIVE.
  4. traceexcalibur said: it makes me sad because apparently there were supposed to be two girls in the main cast?? but the Disney execs vetoed that idea because of the dumb “boys won’t watch shows with too many girls in them” idea that’s still floating around out there
  5. sorceressrinoa said: the girls who are there don’t feel like they’re just there to fill a quota, though, it’s really nice
  6. mocaw said: i am a bit sad there are not more awesome ladies too!! esp cause the ones they have are great characters so I DONT SEE WHY I CANT HAVE MORE but yeah its gorgeous to look at
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    I agree. It looks super AWESOME color ful.
  8. astrons said: the thing about the girls in motorcity is that there are not many of them in it but the ones that are there all really great characters.
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