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It just seems like innocent speculation to me. I think they mean in terms of the “cherub culture” that Caliborn is describing. If bad is good and hate is love, then in cherub terms is Calliope as offensive as her brother is to us?

but we know from the author himself that caliborn doesnt actually know shit about cherub culture and is basically just using that as an excuse to be a sexually harrassing creepo

its like when dudes catcall women and are like, oh its a COMPLIMENT, why cant u see it from my POV, u should be GRATEFUL im harassing you. it is. satire. of that.

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  4. angerliz said: yeah tbh its a very…blatant satire of that exact phenomenon and people who might not be able to see that…frighten me, a tad. like wow a lot of people are…not living in the world, i guess.
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