if yall have any good jake english songs let me know… haha….

  1. quizzicalities said: Okay…. Jake is a fun one! Doctor Jones by Aqua is ridiculous, Two Princes by Spin Doctors is a humorous ship song, You Owe Me an IOU by Hot Hot Heat, Safety Dance for some reason??
  2. professorsnoozysnore said: too close to love you
  3. divinederivative said: I think most of my Jake songs are Dirk related, is that alright?
  4. supey said: youtube.com/watch?v…
  5. suspenderproblems said: "Fighting Trousers" by Professor Elemental, HANDS DOWN. If you have any use for something horrifically depressing as well, "Hello, My Name Is Your T.V." by Ludo is distressingly appropriate for him.
  6. t-tornado said: Action Movie Hero Boy- Lemon Demon
  7. tardisdelorean said: "I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" keeps coming to mind. No idea why, though.
  8. ruf1oh-n1tram said: eros and apollo i whisper into the void….
  9. lonelymountainorbust said: oh my god
  10. bisexualusagi said: 'jerk of the week'
  11. melancholicgalaxy said: James Bond by Scouting for Girls
  12. revtomdildomolar said: The World At Large by Modest Mouse
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