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Anonymous asked:
thank you for hearing me out, and for apologising. i forgive you, and i know you will do and be better in future. <3

thank you, that is nice to hear. 

Anonymous asked:
there are some trans people that feel victimised by the actions of the flight rising administrator (who is still the administrator btw) and have voiced these feelings to you. regardless of what other trans people say against them, your best bet is to not play flight rising and to take on, understand and share the hurt that your sisters have experienced regardless of your cisness as an ally rather than be the straight dude that says 'my other gay friend said its ok to call all of you fags'.


youre right. well this was a learning experience to say the least, i’d like to apologize for making people upset.

Anonymous asked:
you literally just got called out by trans people telling you to re-evaluate what you're doing and you said 'no what i am doing is fine' after spending all of last night saying 'i'm cis i'm cis i have no place in trans discussion' you seriously need to take a look at what your brand of feminism is becoming because it's not being inclusive or supportive to trans people.

i have been called out by some trans people, and i have several other trans people telling me im not in the wrong and who support the game themselves. what am i supposed to do? genuine question here. 

Anonymous asked:
I definitely think vriska's not at all vague personal bullying of tavros, crippling him then teasing him about it, from the get-go hits with some people harder than other people's actions. idk, I like vriska but different people have different thresholds for what they accept. there is some grossness directed at her. It seems to also really depend on what -part- of fandom you're looking at though. mspaforums and 4chan are pretty different about it.

yeah! thats why i was saying homestuck fandom is actually not the best example for that fandom problem. 

Anonymous asked:
someone is arguing that, no, people hate eridan and caliborn and gamzee and stuff, this isnt true wah wah. sorry but ITS REALLY TRUE. IMAGINE HOW LOVED AND "MISUNDERSTOOD" VRISKA WOULD BE IF SHE WAS A BOY

i actually think current homestuck fandom is a pretty bad example for that, tbh, because there is a big enough faction of people who are ~apologists~ for p much any antagonist, vriska included. 

then again if she were a boy you’d probably get a lot more people unironically calling her a precious baby without a hint of self awareness like people do for gamzee so *shrugs* 

Anonymous asked:
i find this m/f debate hilarious because like, literally everyone in homestuck is an asshole. they are all equal ass

no…. some are definitely more asshole than others…..

Anonymous asked:
Say what, I'll always hate vriska, just like I'd still hate Eridan if he was female. Terezi is a brazen, domineering young lady but I love her. I'd hate Kankri regardless of gender. There's so much real misogyny, it's really stupid to make up hypothetical versions just to defend a character you like.

Anonymous asked:
do you remember when lazili drew a picture of you, toby fox and a cute horsie riding into the distance

LMAO yes i remember it now…. those were the days

Anonymous asked:
I can't believe people use that term and still think they're not being transphobic. Holy shit it's literally calling actual dysphoric trans people "true scum" because they say being trans isn't a choice

look i really have no place in this debate since im not trans and i dont know why it is happening on my blog!

Anonymous asked:
what is ur opinion on truscum

why do you keep asking me this? im cis so my opinion doesnt really…mean anything in that discussion. i am against gatekeeping in any queer community though. 

Anonymous asked:

they look nice at a glance but holy shit there is like. no contrast. those are terrible palettes for illustration lol