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Anonymous asked:
hi, umm I know you've gotten messages like this before but I just wanted to say! thank you for being you!! and also for being open about your brain issues on here. because I guess it is weirdly comforting to think that someone who is really cool can also have problems just like me? I finally had my first counseling appointment today and I was really nervous and almost didn't go, but then I thought "shelby would just go and do it!! so I should too!!" and I did. :)

awww, thanks! it means a lot that i can be helpful to anyone else :)

feedtheghost asked:
WOAH HEY I just want to say it's rlyrlyrly cool that you liked that picture because! Your pairing-song-lyrics are what introduced me to that song and what inspired the whole thing so yeah! You're awesome and that's a really cool loop-around right there, I think uwu

ah that is so awesome! :) 

Anonymous asked:
so what are all your ships tags? like john/karkat is boy style and dave/terezi is suck it nerds and aranea/meenah is like married, but do you have any others?

dirk/jake is “you stop that” and i really need to settle on one for gamzee/terezi sdhfhhhh

Anonymous asked:
this may be a weird question, but how do you tell if you're depressed and not just sad/worried?

is it reoccuring? do you have trouble getting out of bed? are simple tasks hard for you? do you feel like you are running on about 15% of the energy that everyone else has? for me, being depressed doesnt really feel the same as being sad. it is like this rot inside of you that doesnt ever really go away. id research other symptoms online if you are worried about it, and talk to a doctor if you can

Anonymous asked:
Thank you for sharing your life, and art with us! Sometimes I see you talking about stuff on my dash, or you're sharing photos, and art with us and you just really inspire me in not only the arts but just in being a good person uwu so thank you again! i hope you have a lovely day and those nails are fab

thank you! :) 

wet-noodles asked:
It's probably been put way better than I could, but I've seen some dubious people who associate depression with inaction/underconfidence - as opposed to Superhuman Fanon Dirk, which I've always read as a coping mechanism associated with clinical depression, i.e. compensating for the helplessness/emptiness/listlessness with productive output, risktaking, overachieving, spreading yourself thinner than you can handle, repetitive routines, etc. Sorry anon thats not really a comprehensive answer :(

thats a pretty good answer! there is also definitely the self hatred going on there too, as well as like, building up a persona for yourself that you end up hating, and hating to be around yourself. if that makes any sense. i could def relate to those parts

Anonymous asked:
i'm sorry if this is a rude/insensitive question, but as someone who doesn't have depression, i was wondering what in canon shows dirk having depression? there's no discussion on my dash about it just people talking about said discussion, and i'm a bit confused but curious.

ive been sitting on this question all day but i dont really feel like getting into it, if anyone else wants to answer it for me or has made a good post about it let me know! it is kind of one of those things where if you have experienced it, it is pretty easy to pick up on.