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City with no children, antichrist television blues is more about the bad dad/culture than it is about the kid

U ARE RIGHT but i kind of like that detached view of it. (i just really love that song) but yeah i think somehting from the suburbs fits a lot better

Did y'all get to see a whale shark at the georgia aquarium?

we did!! :D my fav thing at the aquarium was the penguins tho. 

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starfucker is super catchy

i basically listened to that song on repeat the entire time we were working on last hearing sjhdfsdf SO CATCHY

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what a good activity! rly though juggalo documentaries are surprisingly quality?? or at least the ones i have seen… ..

DUDE IT WAS QUALITY i have like a weird respect for juggalos im like

u know what u guys are weird but u dont give a fuck, i appreciate this

shelby i just wanted to say that i was showing "waiting for god tier" to a non-homestuck friend and she said (i quote) "if this was a book i would buy it!". i realized i would, too! have y'all two ever thought of pro. collabs on original stuff, further down the line? :>

we definitely have! that is kind of our plan after we are done with homestuck fanstuff. fanfic has been GREAT practice, by the time we finish TSG we will have an entire “practice novel” done. we have a few ideas kicking around for original stuff… we definitely plan to keep working together for a long time.

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this pairing seems so totally lethal